Towing Carefully and Without Injuring Your Vehicle: Industry Tips

Benefits of Flatbed Car Towing

There are various types of towing methods being used by many car towing companies today. Flatbed towing involves using a special truck or trailer that comes with a flatbed fitted behind it to transport cars from one location to another.  If you are still hesitant about using flatbed car towing service, the following points will help indicate why it is the best way to tow your car.

Best way to prevent further damage to the towed car.

Unlike in other methods of towing, e.g. flat towing, where all of the towed car's wheels remain touching the ground, flatbed towing will ensure that all wheels of the towed car are securely placed onto a flat platform.

When your car is transported on a flatbed, it is unlikely that the bumper of your car will be damaged when the tow truck or trailer speeds over a pit hole or road bump as is usually the case in flat towing. Hence, there will be no tyre wear or damage to engine parts, ignition systems, transmission systems, etc.

Greater safety on the road.

Flatbed towing is perhaps the safest way to haul your car. This towing method makes it easier to negotiate traffic and ensure better safety for other road users. The risk of hitting passing cars or knocking pedestrians is much lower when the towed vehicle is firmly strapped on the platform at the back of the tow truck and is not swaying behind the truck on two or four wheels.

Only option for transporting cars in some cases.

As opposed to towing methods like tow by dollies and flat towing, flatbed towing does not require any of the towed car's wheels to be running during the tow. If, for example, a car has a broken axle, flatbed towing might be the only way of hauling it.

Saves on time.

If you usually tow your car by dolly, you can avoid hassles such as drive shaft removal by using flatbed towing service. Loading cars for flatbed towing is somewhat easy. If the car is still in good mechanical condition, you just have to drive the car up the flatbed, park it, and strap it for transportation.

With flatbed towing, a badly damaged car that can't be driven up the flatbed will be hoisted by winch. Besides hitch installation, no extras will be required to move it onto the flatbed of the tow vehicle.

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Towing Carefully and Without Injuring Your Vehicle: Industry Tips

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