Towing Carefully and Without Injuring Your Vehicle: Industry Tips

When It's Good to Call a Towing Service for Your Car

Trying to drive your car when it's not in good condition can mean facing very expensive repair bills at a later date, which is why it's often good to have your car towed to a service station under certain circumstances. This can protect your car from more extensive damage and protect you from paying for more costly work that needs to be done. Unfortunately, many car owners don't realize this and assume that if the car is running, it's good for driving. Note when it's good to call a towing service for your car rather than drive it, even a short distance.

1. When the gearbox gets very sticky

If the gearbox of your car gets very sticky so that you cannot easily shift from one gear to another, this can mean that the chain of the gearbox or a chain in the transmission system is getting ready to break. If this were to happen, your car might be stuck in neutral and you could not move forward or back. Rather than risk this happening when in traffic, have your car towed to a repair shop so you can determine the cause of the stickiness and get it fixed safely.

2. After an accident that causes a fluid leak

If an accident has done anything more than just dented a bumper, you want to call a towing service. You could have damage that is not readily seen from the outside of your car, and this is especially true if you see a fluid leak after a collision. Hoses may have been torn or damaged, and if you drive this way, they could allow the fluid to leak out completely; in turn, your steering, transmission, or engine could seize up or otherwise be severely damaged. After any accident larger than a fender bender, but especially if you see fluid dripping from underneath the car, call a tow truck.

3. If it thumps or bumps on one side

If you're driving and you notice a distinct thumping or that the car seems to bump and dip on one side, it's good to pull over and call a tow truck. You could have a flat tire, but the car might also have broken lug nuts that are meant to keep the tire in place, and the tire could actually go flying off as you drive. You might also have a bent axle, broken shock, or other severe problem that could allow for extreme damage the more you drive. If you notice this thumping or bumping anywhere from your car, be safe and have it towed rather than continuing to drive.

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Towing Carefully and Without Injuring Your Vehicle: Industry Tips

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