Towing Carefully and Without Injuring Your Vehicle: Industry Tips

How To Choose An Emergency Towing Service

Emergency towing services are ideal for people whose vehicles get into accidents or break down along the road. Hiring an emergency towing service is often a time-sensitive decision since you want to clear the road in the soonest time possible. Below is a guide discussing how to choose an emergency towing service. 

Insurance Considerations

Some insurance companies provide emergency towing services to clients with comprehensive car insurance. If this is your case, call your insurer and ask for a tow truck. In most cases, your insurance company will have long-term relationships with reputable towing companies. As such, the towing company will respond in no time.

Response Time and Operating Area

If your insurance coverage does not include towing services, conduct quick internet research to identify towing companies in the area. Check reviews and social media to determine how customers perceive the companies' services. Contact a few reputable companies and inform them of your predicament. Inquire about their response time and whether they can tow your vehicle to a garage of your choice. Some towing companies will provide roadside assistance services. They are your best bet when your car breaks down since you do not have to take it to a garage. 

Safety Protocol

Inquire about the company's safety protocol. For example, how do they secure the site? Ideally, the tow truck should have a warning light to warn other drivers of an accident or stationary vehicle. The company staff should also place safety triangles or flags to ensure oncoming cars slow down as they approach the accident site. Inquire about the tow truck they will use. Ideally, the winch should have the power to hoist your vehicle. As a rule, you should go for flatbed towing trucks. Hook and chain tow trucks could damage your transmission system, the vehicle's bumper and underneath components. 

Terms Of Service

Consider the following when evaluating the company's terms of service: 

  • What is the company's liability policy? Reputable companies will inspect your car to determine its condition at the time of pickup. They will compensate you if the vehicle suffers damages during transport, loading and offloading.
  • Other than the standard charge, what extra fees will you incur? Some companies will charge more when towing at night or to another state. You could also incur storage fees.
  • How will you make your payments? You may not have instant cash at the site of the accident. Therefore, consider companies that accept card payments and cheques.
  • Check the cancellation policy. For instance, will you receive a refund if you no longer need the towing service? 

When choosing an emergency towing company, check your insurance cover, assess the company's response time, operating area, safety protocol and terms of service. 

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Towing Carefully and Without Injuring Your Vehicle: Industry Tips

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