Towing Carefully and Without Injuring Your Vehicle: Industry Tips

Benefits of Emergency Tow Trucks

If your vehicle breaks down, you can ask a friend to tow your car to a safe location or call an emergency tow truck. Most car owners prefer the former since it is a cheaper option. However, there are numerous advantages of calling an emergency tow truck. They include; 

Roadside Repair

Most emergency tow truck services offer roadside repair services. Once you call the service, they inquire about your vehicle's problem to determine the need for towing. If they think they can repair the car at the site, the response crew comes equipped with the required repair tools. Therefore, if you lock your keys inside the vehicle, have a faulty fuel pump, or leaking radiator, the emergency crew will repair the car saving you time and money used to tow the vehicle. Nevertheless, the team still comes with the tow truck to serve as the last option if the issue is more complicated than they imagined. 

Site Safety

One of the dangers of asking a friend to tow your car is that you do not have the skills and equipment needed to ensure safety as you recover the stalled car. Therefore, you could get hit by oncoming vehicles or distract other motorists, causing accidents. Conversely, once the emergency crew arrives at the site, they secure your vehicle and place warning signs and lights to warn other motorists of an ongoing recovery. Besides, the team has reflective jackets and other safety gear to help prevent accidents as they repair or recover the vehicle. 

Preventing Vehicle Damages

One of the challenges of asking a friend to tow your vehicle is that it could incur more damages than it initially had. For instance, suppose the car has loose underneath components; they could incur extensive damages during towing. In other cases, your car could have an oil or radiator leakage. However, you have to keep the vehicle running during towing since the braking and steering must be functional. The engine could overheat or suffer severe damage as you tow the car. In the long run, the repair costs are higher than the towing fee you attempted to avoid. The towing company provides a suitable tow truck depending on the vehicle's damage. For instance, flatbed tow trucks secure the car onto a trailer, preventing damages. Besides, the engine does not have to run. 

Emergency tow trucks offer roadside repair, ensure site safety and prevent vehicle damage. When hiring an emergency tow truck service, assess their reputation, response time, operation area, and pricing.

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Towing Carefully and Without Injuring Your Vehicle: Industry Tips

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