Towing Carefully and Without Injuring Your Vehicle: Industry Tips

Is It Safe to Tow a Car with a Rope?

If you've ever needed to tow a car, then you may have considered using a rope to do so. But is this safe? Can you safely tow a car with a rope or should you only use an official tow strap or chain? In fact, should you even attempt this type of job yourself? What do you need to bear in mind before you proceed?

The Dangers of Using Rope for Towing

Using rope as opposed to an official tow strap or chain carries extra risks when it comes to safety. One of the main dangers is that if the line snaps, there is nothing stopping the car from flying off behind the tow vehicle. Not only does this pose a danger for anyone nearby, but it can also be very damaging for both cars involved.

Another risk when using rope for towing is that it can fray and break easily over time, especially if it's exposed continuously to sunlight and bad weather. This means that even if everything appears secure before towing begins, your rope may actually be too weak and not up to the job. This could lead to accidents while in transit which could put everyone at risk.

The Best Equipment For Towing

When it comes to safety, the best option is likely to be an official tow strap or chain—not a rope. Tow straps are specifically designed for heavy-duty jobs like pulling vehicles along roads or highways. They are strong enough, so they are unlikely to break during use or fray over time due to their protective outer casing. Even though they may cost more than regular ropes, they are worth investing in as they provide much more peace of mind regarding safety.

Should You Attempt This Yourself?

However, you should think twice before attempting to tow a vehicle. Firstly, is the vehicle in question in a safe and roadworthy condition? If the engine is not running, the brakes may not be fully operational, which means there is a risk that the vehicle being towed could run into the one in front. There is also a risk that a cyclist or pedestrian could inadvertently come in between the two towing vehicles without realising that one is connected to the other. Of course, this could lead to a disaster.


So, it's certainly better to use a purpose-made chain than a rope when it comes to towing two vehicles. However, it's far better to entrust the work to professionals instead and to call in a tow truck. After all, the broken-down vehicle can then be carried to safety instead.

Reach out to a local tow truck service to learn more.

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Towing Carefully and Without Injuring Your Vehicle: Industry Tips

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