Towing Carefully and Without Injuring Your Vehicle: Industry Tips

Always Call a Towing Service When Your Car Is Doing This

No car owner wants to think about the expense of a tow truck when their car is acting up, but calling a towing service can be a good choice in a variety of situations. Trying to drive or operate your car when it's acting up can mean more expensive repairs as you do more damage to your car and can also put your safety at risk. Consider what your car might be doing when it's time to call a tow truck, and why.

1. When your car is grinding versus starting

When your car grinds versus starting, it often means that the battery is weak or even dead. You may assume that you can keep plugging away at it and that it might "catch" and start, but in truth, you're usually just draining the battery even more. A tow truck driver may be able to jump your car with cables and recharge your battery if you don't drain it completely, but if you keep trying to start your car with a low battery, you may damage it so that it can't be recharged. In turn, you may need to have it replaced altogether.

2. When your car grinds with every bump

A grinding sound is never good when you're driving, but if you notice this more often when your car hits a bump, it may be a number of problems that can be very serious. The lug nuts of your tires may have broken, and in turn, you may be at risk of losing a tire while on the road. You may also have broken a spring or shock, and this can put pressure on the car's axles. When you notice any type of grinding, thumping, or other noise when you hit a bump, pull over and call a tow truck to get you to a repair shop.

3. When the electrical systems act up

If you're on the road and notice that your dashboard lights and needles to the gauges suddenly fail, or you hear a type of clicking when you try to turn on the headlights and the lights don't come on, you should call for a towing service. These are signs that your car has an electrical system problem which could be very serious; the car's computer may be malfunctioning or you may have blown a fuse. Remember that your car's major systems including the brakes and transmission rely on electrical components to work properly, so don't risk driving when you have an electrical problem with your car and call for a tow instead.  


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Towing Carefully and Without Injuring Your Vehicle: Industry Tips

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