Towing Carefully and Without Injuring Your Vehicle: Industry Tips

3 Ways a Towing Company Can Assist without Towing your Vehicle

When it comes to towing companies, most motorists only require their services when their cars break down or get into accidents requiring them to get towed away. There are other services a towing company can provide for a motorist experiencing car troubles that do not involve hauling the broken down vehicle to a mechanic.

The thing is, most people underestimate the skill set of a tow truck driver, and hence they end up having their cars towed away, yet the driver could have provided the required assistance, thus eliminating the hefty towing charges.

The next time you experience the following issues, skip the costly towing charges.

A dead battery that requires a boost

The worst scenario you can get with a car battery is when its charge depletes in an area where there is no one in sight to provide a boost.

In such a situation, a motorist settles on the not-so-logical decision to call a towing company to get their vehicle towed. Unfortunately, they fail to realise that they can still call the towing company and inform them that they need a battery boost and not a towing service.

A tire burst and you don't have a replacement tire

One of the most frustrating car issues is having a burst tire yet you don't have a spare wheel in the trunk. In such a situation, a motorist has three options.

One option is to walk to the nearest service station to have the burst tire fixed or to purchase a new tire. However, this option is not recommended because your car could get vandalised in your absence.

The second option involves calling a towing company. If you decide to call a towing company, you should request them to bring a spare tire for you.

The third option involves towing the vehicles to the nearest service station. Note: The charges issued for delivering the spare tire are way cheaper than what you could otherwise pay for towing.

Running out of fuel in remote areas

When motorists travel to remote locations such as the open deserts roads, they often forget to account and pack for extra fuel. As a result, in the midst of their racing on the desert terrain without having to worry about breaking traffic regulations, they deplete their fuel, and in most cases, they don't have enough fuel to get back.

In such a case, you could call a friend to bring you the fuel, but we all know that even our friends tend not to get very excited by such requests especially if the destination is quite far or the request gets made at night. However, thanks to most towing companies operating full time, you can request your towing service provider to bring you the fuel.

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Towing Carefully and Without Injuring Your Vehicle: Industry Tips

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